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If you are looking for something a little bit different and unusual entertainment ideas for your next event, whether it be for your wedding or a corporate event for example, you have come to the right place!  Here on we offer a massive entertainment directory with a wide variety of acts.  There are also a few main places you can find unusual entertainment within just a few clicks!

One of the quickest ways to find entertainment that is a bit quirky or different is to click on the “General Entertainers” link on our navigation bar.  This is found on every single page of our website and once you have clicked on it, a drop-down will appear with plenty of options.  The one you’re looking for is “Speciality and Variety Acts” which showcases some of the most unusual entertainment acts we have listed with us.

Let’s take a look at some of these now…

Click here to view Hula Hoop Performer, Anna Jack's Profile

Anna Jack – Hula Hoop Performer from

Hula Hoop Performers

This type of entertainment is certainly high in the unusual stakes.  Pretty much everyone has had a go at hula hooping when they were younger, usually with little success!  Hula Hoop Performers work hard to perfect this skill and will perform stunts with hoops, such as hula hooping with multiple hoops and much more!  This type of entertainment is quite “circus” like in genre, so will work perfectly for a themed party, or perhaps an outdoor summer event.  Corporate parties may also benefit from this type of entertainment as guests can watch their performance while still mingling with each other.  Click here to find a Hula Hoop Performer for your next event and give you guests something they won’t be expecting!

Click here to view Human Statues, Mystery Productions

Mystery Productions, Human Statue from

Human Statues

You might have seen human statues performing in popular tourist locations in big cities, such as London.  These individuals are usually dressed in costume and stand very still as people pass by.  Once someone is close enough, they might move suddenly to make them jump, or occasionally change their pose.  You can hire human statues for events to give guests a focal point to look at.  One thing to consider is the different costumes that a human statue might be able to offer.  If you want to find a human statue near you, click here to browse our selection.


Knife Throwing Acts

If you want to add a bit of drama to your upcoming event and give your guests a bit of a thrill, why not look at hiring a Knife Throwing Act?  This type of entertainment is common in summer fetes and circus’ however will work for many different types of event.  A Knife Thrower will usually have the help of an assistant and throw knifes in their general direction while the assistant stands still.  This act can be very dangerous as it only takes a knife to be an inch out of direction for it to hit!  This is what makes this such a thrilling act to watch.  Browse our entertainment directory and find a Knife Throwing Act right now!

Click here to view Sword Swallower, Dan Meyer's Profile

Dan Meyer – Sword Swallower from

Sword Swallowing Acts

Another type of thrilling entertainment that is very dangerous to perform is the skill of a Sword Swallower.  Sword Swallowers spend many years perfecting their skill and appear to swallow swords down their throat and into their oesophagus to their stomach.  Some of their stunts can involve multiple swords and some of them can be extremely long – as much as 16 inches or more!  Your guests will look in awe as they watch this skill unfold, so if you want to give them unusual entertainment, why not choose a Sword Swallower and get booking!

Along with our Speciality and Variety Acts section on our website, we also have a number of other unusual acts listed in various categories.  If none of our ideas have taken your fancy, why not book a Silhouette Artist,  Mentalist / Mind Reader or perhaps a Doo Wop / Oldies Band to take care of your musical entertainment?

Take a look through our whole entertainment directory at for a good look at exactly what we have to offer. Once you have narrowed down the type of entertainment you wish to book, it’s really quick and easy to get the right act sorted too!  Simply look through all of our entertainers’ profiles to read all about their previous experience and act information.  Some of our acts upload movie and audio samples too to give you a better insight to their act.

Found an entertainer you like the sound of?  Why not contact them for free using our site?  Our entertainment directory is one of the only websites that offers this service for FREE!  Simply click on the “Request a Quote via E-mail” button and you can get in touch with your chosen entertainer directly!

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