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If you are looking for a live band for your next event, our website should be the first place you think of!  Our entertainment directory has a massive variety of different live bands which are perfect for all sorts of occasions.  No matter what you are celebrating, live music really adds a fantastic atmosphere and can get your guests in the mood for a boogie!  Check out our top selection of 20 live bands for inspiration for your upcoming event before you commit to booking!

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Soul Plated – Wedding Band

  1. Kick off your wedding evening reception in style with a Wedding Band!

If you are planning your wedding, we have our very own dedicated category of Wedding Bands who are experienced in performing at weddings and making your evening reception even more magical!  Wedding Bands will have their own repertoire of popular songs, so always check with them to see what they can perform, especially if you have something in mind for your first dance.  Click here to find the perfect Wedding Band for your own big day right now!

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Party Band

  1. A Function and Party Band is the perfect choice for any celebration

Function and Party Bands are a very versatile choice when it comes to live music.  They cater for many events, whether you are planning a birthday party, anniversary party or even corporate event.  If you want your guests up on that dance floor, we highly recommend booking a Function and Party Band to play popular classics!  Browse our entertainment directory to find a Function and Party Band for your upcoming event.

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Giardino Strings – String Quartet in London from

  1. For a beautiful background ambiance, choose a String Quartet

No matter if you are planning your wedding ceremony or a lovely cocktail party, a String Quartet will offer a magical performance of instrumental music in the background.  You can usually choose between classical music, modern songs with an instrumental twist or perhaps a mix of both!  Check out our selection of String Quartets on our website today!

  1. Hire a Doo Wop / Oldies Band for a touch of Vintage!

If you love everything vintage and are putting together a themed event, why not look at booking a Doo Wop / Oldies Band who will not only sound like but usually dress like they are from the 1950’s etc.  Singing popular songs from the likes of The Drifters and The Five Satins, a Doo Wop / Oldies Band will certainly give you an amazing performance!  Add some authenticity to your vintage themed event with the help of a Doo Wop / Oldies Band.

  1. Get everyone dancing with a Barn Dance or Ceilidh Band

On our website we have our very own specialist category for Barn Dance Bands or Ceilidh Bands.  If you are planning a fun and exciting barn dance, or perhaps a Ceilidh for your wedding, take a look at our dedicated category to find the perfect entertainment for you!   Find a Barn Dance Band or Ceilidh Band for your party with ease.

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Liquid Blue – Cover Band from

  1. Choose a Cover Band to hear your favourite classics

For plenty of versatility and popular songs, why not look at booking a Cover Band?  This type of band is particularly useful if you have a wide range of guests as they can cater for many tastes.  Always check with your chosen Cover Band if there is a particular song you are looking for.  Click here to browse our website and find a cover band for your event!

  1. For a Traditional Greek Occasion, why not book a Greek Band?

If you are looking for authentic Greek entertainment for your upcoming event, check out our very own Greek Band category.  Perfect for Greek weddings and other events, you can enjoy a fantastic and professional performance suited to your occasion.  Celebrate your next occasion and book a Greek and using our entertainment directory.

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Steelasophical Caribbean Steel Band from

  1. Want a fun Summer celebration? Book a Steel Drum Band!

Fancy a touch of the Caribbean?  Why not book a Steel Drum Band who will perform percussion music on large steel drums.  This type of entertainment is perfect for themed events or Summer parties and will get your guests in the mood to party.  We have plenty of Steel Drum Bands for hire on our website, so click here to get started!

  1. Relive the era of the Rat Pack with a Rat Pack Show

Are you a fan of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and the Rat Pack?  Did you know you can hire Rat Pack Shows which put on a thrilling performance dedicated to the Rat Pack era?  This type of entertainment also ticks the vintage boxes, so if you want a sophisticated performance, we highly recommend choosing a Rat Pack Show.  Check out our website to find your very own Rat Pack Show and entertain your guests!

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Soul Kinda Wonderful – Soul/Motown Band from

  1. Add some class with a Soul or Motown Band

Motown is a very popular genre of music and if you love the idea of listening to favourites from the likes of Marvin Gaye, The Jackson 5 and The Supremes, check out a Soul or Motown Band.  Offering a warm and emotional performance, a Soul or Motown Band is a fantastic choice for all sorts of events.  Add a soulful sound to your next event and book a Soul or Motown Band!

  1. Get the party started with a themed Brazilian Band

If you are looking for something a little bit different, why not choose a Brazilian Band to pay Samba and Forrocore music?  This type of band is fantastic for getting people in the mood to party and has become much more popular since the Rio 2016 Olympics.  Relive the Rio Olympics and hire a Brazilian Band to get your guests in the mood to party!

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Ambrosia – Big Band from

  1. Create a dramatic atmosphere with a Big Band or Orchestra!

Give your guests a night to remember with the dramatic performance of a Big Band or Orchestra.  This type of entertainment if suited to large corporate events and will include a wide selection of musicians who perform together to create a very unique sound.  Click here to check out all of the Big Bands and Orchestras that are available to book on our entertainment directory.

  1. Enjoy an authentic Irish performance and book an Irish Band

The Irish certainly know how to party and now you can book an Irish Band for your event to recreate that fun!  Not limited to St Patrick’s Day entertainment, Irish Bands are also a fantastic choice for wedding evening receptions or birthday parties.  Find an Irish Band to give your guests a night to remember!

  1. Choose a Rock Band to perform classic rock covers at your event

Rock music is a massive genre of music which has plenty of fans.  Since the 1960’s, rock music has been one of the most popular types of music and now you can book your very own Rock Band to perform covers by the likes of Bon Jovi, The Foo Fighters and more!  Keep the majority of your guests happy and book a Rock Band for great selection of Rock Covers!

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  1. Listen to pop songs from all sorts of eras with a Pop Group!

Perfect for younger guests or people who are into modern music, why not look at booking a Pop Group to perform modern songs and impress your guests?  Pop groups can offer fast paced music or slower popular hits depending on your event.  Browse our website to find a Pop Group to perform fantastic songs by the likes of Jessie J, Beyonce and Ed Sheeran!

  1. Enjoy popular Country Songs when you hire a Country and Western Band

A Country and Western Band is the perfect choice for any Country and Western fan and they will put on a fantastic live show dedicated to this genre of music.  If you love listening to classic Country and Western Songs by Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton and more, click here to book a Country and Western Band!

  1. Book an Acoustic Band for a fantastic live show

Strip things bare and book an Acoustic Band to perform at your event.  This type of band relies purely on their own musical talents with no amplifiers to make their sound even louder.  Usually consisting of a guitarist and a singer, an Acoustic Band will really entertain your guests when you don’t want your choice of live music to be too overpowering.  Click here to find an Acoustic Band near you to play at your next event!

  1. Planning a Bar Mitzvah? Choose a Jewish Band for your celebrations

Did you know you can now book a specialist Jewish Band for traditional events such as Jewish weddings or Bar Mitzvahs?  This type of music is great if you want to get your guests involved in traditional Jewish dancing.  Find a Jewish Band using our entertainment directory and get booking!

  1. If you and your guests love indie music, why not book an Indie Band?

Do you prefer music from the likes of Oasis, The Arctic Monkeys and Radiohead?  You can now book your own Indie Band to perform at your next event that is guaranteed to have the sound you are looking for  Check out our website to find your very own Indie Band to perform at your next event.

  1. Love punk music from the 1970s? Hire a Punk Band to tick all of your boxes!

Punk is a genre of music that is loved by fans of all ages, so if you love music from Punk Band such as the Ramones or the Clash, we highly recommend booking an Indie Band to perform at your next event.  Some indie bands will simply cover famous Indie songs, while others will write and perform their own material.  Click here to book a Punk Band using our website and enjoy an evening of Punk classics!

We have even more types of live band available to book over on our website, including Tribute Bands and Acts and other genres of Live Band too!  It’s easy to find the perfect entertainment for your next event by browsing our entertainment directory and once you have chosen the right type of live band, all you need to do is check out our performers’ profile pages to find the ideal act!

We recommend taking a good look at each act’s profile as you can read all about their previous experience and customer reviews.  Many of our live bands also upload audio and video samples too so you can get a real feel for their performance.  Chosen an act?  Simply click on the “Request a Quote via E-mail” button to get in touch with them directly with no hidden fees or commission on top of your actual booking!

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