50 Entertainment Options for Your Next Event


Whether you are planning a birthday party, wedding, anniversary party or corporate event, you’ll need to make sure that finding and booking your entertainment is high on the priority list.  Some entertainers can get booked up as much as a year or two in advance (especially when performing at weddings!) so we always recommend that as soon as you have chosen your venue for your event, the next thing to cover on your to-do list is the entertainment!  Sometimes it can be quite hard to find high quality and recommended entertainment, and that is where our website comes in!

Using our entertainment directory at www.EntertainersWorldwide.com you can easily find different categories of entertainment and browse through available acts near you!  We have so much to offer in a number of different genres, so keep reading today’s article for a brief insight into 50 types of entertainment you can book…

  1. For all types of event, we highly recommend a Function and Party Band to provide fantastic ambiance and get guests dancing!
  2. Create some lasting memories with the help of a Caricaturist who will give guests a funny sketch of themselves.
  3. If you are planning a traditional dance or perhaps something to get your guests dancing, opt for a Barn Dance and Ceilidh Band for a night filled with fun
  4. Choose a Lookalike such as Simon Cowell or Sean Connery to infiltrate your guests and keep them guessing!
  5. Country and Western Bands will offer a fun evening filled with popular Country classics
  6. Bring back the sounds of the famous Rat Pack by hiring a dedicated Rat Pack Show
  7. Keep children entertained with a Balloon Modeller who will create animals, flowers, hats and even more out of balloons.
  8. For a unique sound which is simply stunning, hire a String Quartet to perform at your next event and choose either classical music or modern instrumental songs
  9. Guarantee a fantastic live performance at your wedding evening reception by choosing a Wedding Band with plenty of experience
  10. Get guests interacting and book a Close-Up Magician to wow them with illusions using plenty of small and familiar objects, such as playing cards.
  11. If you are on a budget but love the sound of a String Quarter, why not opt for a String Duo instead for a similar sort of sound
  12. Cover Bands offer the perfect choice in music since they learn many classics from different eras
  13. Every child loves getting their face painted so why not hire a Face Painter to transform the younger guests into monsters or superheros?
  14. Hire a Big Band or Orchestra to put on a dramatic and beautiful musical performance
  15. Give your guests an evening full of Motown classics when you choose a Soul and Motown Band
  16. Book a Comedy Cabaret Magician to give your guests an evening full of comedy and magic.
  17. Love everything vintage? Turn back the clock and book a Doo Wop / Oldies Band to perform classic hits
  18. Are you planning a Bar Mitzvah? Why not book a Jewish Band to keep things authentic?
  19. For an all-rounded children’s entertainment options, hire a Clown to be mischievous and keep children occupied.
  20. Enjoy a taste of the Caribbean by booking a Steel Drum Band to perform
  21. If you need family friendly comedy for your event, always make sure you book a Clean Stand-Up Comedian.
  22. When it comes to Tribute Bands, we have a massive selection to choose from, including many different eras of music!
  23. Give your guests a thrilling performance with the bigger and more daring illusions of a Stage Illusionist
  24. Choose a Ventriloquist for an evening full of alternative comedy entertainment which has become more popular in recent years.
  25. If you enjoy the music of a particular solo artist, why not find a Tribute Act to perform their popular songs?
  26. Book Fire Performers to enjoy a dramatic and visual display of fire breathing, fire eating and juggling too!
  27. For more taboo comedy featuring plenty of controversial subjects, why not hire an Adult Stand-Up Comedian (for adults only events of course!)
  28. A traditional choice for wedding ceremony music is a Violinist who can perform either classical music or instrumental versions of modern songs
  29. Add a touch of soul with the help of a Saxophonist who will amaze your guests at your next event
  30. Enjoy the last laugh as you stitch up your guests with Comedy Waiters who infiltrate your real waiters and drop plates, steal guests’ food and much more!
  31. For a stunning warm and rich sound, choose a Cellist who will be the perfect choice for any event with the need for a bit of background music.
  32. If you love the sound of piano music, why not hire a Pianist or Keyboardist who will perform usually with their own equipment in tow.
  33. We can’t think of anything more traditional for a Celtic celebration than the inclusion of Bagpipers!
  34. Enjoy the amazing performance of an Aerialist or Acrobat to give your guests circus themed entertainment that will WOW!
  35. Perfect for wedding ceremonies and drinks receptions, why not opt for a Classical or Spanish Guitarist?
  36. Book a Harpist to perform a whimsical and magical background ambiance at your next event
  37. Party DJ’s are a fantastic choice for all sorts of events and will certainly get your guests in the party and dancing mood!
  38. If you are planning an event for someone who loves dance, find a Dance Act from our massive selection to perform choreographed routines to music.
  39. For non-obtrusive entertainment, or perhaps corporate acts who can hand out leaflets, look at booking Human Statues who will dress in a variety of themed costumes.
  40. One of the most traditional choices for a wedding evening reception is the Wedding DJ who will have a massive variety of music to choose from.
  41. For an alternative to juggling, why not enquire about a Diabolo Act to amaze your guests with their talents?
  42. Get your guests joining in with the singing with the help of a fun and dynamic Karaoke DJ
  43. If you would like to book a Female Singer, we have plenty of amazing acts available to choose from
  44. Enjoy something a little exotic and book a Belly Dancer to dance around your guests and maybe even get them involved too!
  45. Choose something thrilling and death-defying with the performance of a Sword Swallower
  46. With so much variety in their style of performance, a Male Singer will offer a unique and amazing musical choice.
  47. A Hula Hoop Performer will offer a completely unique and fun experience when it comes to entertaining your guests.
  48. If your event is around Christmas time, choose traditional entertainment in the form of Carol Singers
  49. Watch a Contortionist twist their bodies into shapes and positions unheard of!
  50. Add some controversy and hire a Tarot Card Reader to predict the future of your guests and surprise them with their accuracy too!

If you think these entertainment options offer a massive choice, we have even more entertainment categories over on our website at www.EntertainersWorldwide.com – we highly recommend checking out what we have to offer if you are planning any type of event and remember we offer these services to potential bookers and clients at absolutely no cost!  That’s right! You can browse our entertainers’ profiles and even book them for free with no hidden fees or commission to pay!

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