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Leon Simmonds Close Up Magician

If you are planning an event, no matter the occasion, have you thought about hiring a magician to entertain your guests? This little how-to guide gives you all of the information you need to plan your party with pizzazz! Magicians are very versatile for all sorts of events and can make fantastic wedding or dinner party entertainment. Firstly, let’s look at the types of magicians available to hire:

Close-Up Magicians

Working with smaller groups of people, close-up magicians usually work their magic while moving around the room, at the bar, at your guests tables, standing groups or at a central location. This style of magic is perfect for when you want guests to mix as they will hear gasps of amazement from across the room and will want to investigate what is happening. Close up magicians perform amazing tricks / illusions / miracles with cards, coins, borrowed bank notes, ropes and other small items!  Add in that wow factor to your upcoming dinner party entertainment!

Martin John - Close-Up and Party Magician

Martin John – Close-Up and Party Magician

Mentalists / Mind Readers

For a style of magic that is slightly more unusual and interactive, why not hire a mind reader or mentalist? Performing either to smaller groups or on stage, a mentalist will make spooky predictions about guests, playing cards and the contents of envelopes. Mentalism has become increasingly popular with television celebrities such as Derren Brown. Your guests will be constantly guessing how such predictions were made and the performance is guaranteed to be a talking point long after the event has ended!

Mentalist Mind Reader

Cabaret Magicians

Providing a complete performance, along with plenty of magic and entertainment, a cabaret magician will really put on a spectacular show for your guests. A cabaret magician is best suited to a larger audience and will amaze guests as they perform illusions on stage and even get some of the audience involved too!  Ideal for product launches or corporate party entertainment!




Comedy Cabaret Magicians

If you would like to add a bit of humour to your event, hiring a comedy cabaret magician will leave guests doubled over in laughter while magic tricks are performed. Cheeky comedy cabaret routines put guests at ease and are similar in style to the famous Tommy Cooper.

Martin John Cabaret Magician

Martin John – Cabaret Magician


Performing magic on a larger stage, an illusionist puts on a huge performance in a style similar to those found in Las Vegas. Penn and Teller and David Copperfield are perfect examples of high end illusionists with mind-blowing performances guaranteed to wow any crowd. Hiring an illusionist is ideal if you want an enchanting event full of entertainment to leave guests fascinated!

Matthew McGurk Illusionist

Matthew McGurk – Illusionist for Hire

Children’s/Kids Magicians

If you are holding a party or event for children, why not hire a Children’s Magician? These specialist magicians have experience with large groups of children and really add sparkle to any party. You can relax or concentrate on other aspects of the party while your little guests are amazed at the magic a children’s magician can perform. If your celebration is a birthday, the birthday boy or girl will be involved with some of the tricks and you can be sure that there will be plenty of laughs all round with this form of children’s party entertainment. Magicians that perform for children are increasingly popular so we have written a guide to booking them with lots of  tips and advice to help you choose and book the best act for your event.

Children's Party Magician

Children’s Party Magician

How to Choose a Quality Magician

When hiring entertainment of any form, it is always important to choose your talent wisely.

We provide a huge selection of entertainers to choose from, all around the world. Remember to read the acts description, biography and testimonials along with watching performances of your chosen magician on our website (if they offer a video sample or two) to see how they interact with the crowd.  If you are still not certain, ask to meet your magician before booking. Most will happily oblige.




Which is the Best Style of Magician for my Event?

Choosing a style of magician really comes down to the size and format of your event. You need to consider the space of the venue; there is no point hiring a magician to perform on stage if you won’t have the space for his equipment. If you want your guests to mingle at an event such as a wedding breakfast or evening dinner, hire a close-up magician who will make the perfect ice breaker. For a full scale spectacular, hire an illusionist or cabaret/comedy cabaret magician who will provide a performance on stage.

How Long will my Magician Perform for at my Event?

Each magician will have varying lengths of performance and depending on their style of show this can range between 5-10 minutes for a close-up magician per group of guests to usually up to an hour for an on stage cabaret magician or illusionist. Ask your entertainer if there is a specific time you would like them to perform for, and they will likely accommodate most requests.

How Much Does Hiring a Magician Cost?

Prices to hire a magician will vary depending on their style of magic, experience and even location. Expect to pay more for elaborate performances such as illusionists.

I’ve Chosen my Magician! How do I Book?

Booking a magician through Entertainers Worldwide is really easy! Simply click on your chosen entertainer from our website and from here you can contact them directly using our contact forms. Remember, you deal directly with the Magician and we do not charge any booking fees!





Want to Save Time When Booking Your Entertainment?

Sit back, relax and have your Entertainment contact you! By adding a post to our website e.g. ‘Magician & Live Band Required for Corporate Event on January 10th’, our available acts will contact you by email. Look at the Entertainer’s publicity, decide which is your favourite and contact them directly! As we are an Entertainment ‘directory’ and not an ‘Agency’, the entire service is completely free.

Tell us what entertainment you are looking for now and we will do the rest! Contact us.

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