10 Perfect Prom Entertainment Ideas & 30 Amazing Prom Themes

The Best Prom Entertainment Ideas

There really is nothing quite so magical as prom! The excitement, the dresses, the themes, the friendships and fun – it’s a right of passage and a coming of age and should be something you remember forever.

There are so many possibilities, it can be hard to know where to start getting the right entertainment when you’re planning a prom, so we’ve created this quick guide with our top 10 favourite prom entertainment ideas. Not only that but we’ve also created a quick-download infographic of 30 amazing best prom themes!

Watch the video to get inspired, download the prom themes infographic at the bottom of this blog or dive right into our entertainment for prom blog below – and remember…you can just fill in our request form and we’ll find you any kind of entertainment or event service you need for your prom and we’ll get our talented entertainers and professional suppliers to contact you direct with their quotes and ideas.

The main thing about prom entertainment is it should be fun and magical! Here are our all time top 10 ways to make your prom golden…

  1. Hypnotist

When it comes to audience participation, you can’t beat a hypnosis experience. Hypnosis is one of those things that no one quite believes until they’ve seen it for themselves – which is why a professional hypnosis show is always such awesome entertainment. You’ll be able to watch as your classmates find themselves getting up all sorts of comedy – screaming at werewolves, riding on imaginary rollercoasters, doing tiktok dances! You can hire a hypnotist for your prom here.

  1. Photo-booth/Magic Mirror

You will probably have a formal prom photographer for your event, but wonderful though those photos are – what about a keepsake that will remind you of the funny side of your friendships. You could also try these other prom photo ideas…

You can hire photo booths and leave a basket-full of props, hats, scarves and glasses that are related to your prom theme, or just plain silly, just outside.

Or you could hire a magic selfie mirror for your prom – strike a pose, and the hidden camera inside the mirror will capture the moment instantly. It might even praise you for the perfect pose, or ‘shatter’ the glass if it doesn’t approve! Take your mementos home or upload them straight to social media. Selfie heaven and more accessible than traditional photo booths.

  1. Magician

When it comes to adding a touch a magic…it doesn’t get much better than a close-up magician. You can hire a close-up magician for your prom, to circulate through the crowd, wowing and amazing everyone as they go, and keeping the buzz going throughout the event.

  1. DJ

An obvious one, we know, but let’s face it, what sort of prom doesn’t have a DJ? You can hire a party DJ and prime them with a playlist of the types of music you really want to hear, or let them know your prom theme so they can come up with music to fit. And of course, there’s always the option of hiring a Karaoke DJ to really get everyone involved and create memories you’ll never forget!

  1. Tarot Card Reader

You’re leaving school or college, but what’s in your future? Hire a tarot card reader for your prom so that everyone can pay them a visit and find out what the future holds for them now…or just ask them what grades you’ll get in your exams!

  1. Fireworks

If you’re lucky enough to have a big outside area for your event, then a fireworks display is the best, the most magical and emotional end to any prom. You can hire professional fireworks services to create an amazing show to fit with your prom theme, set up your display and set it off safely, just at the right time. What a way to remember saying goodbye to your old school

  1. Lookalike

Imagine having Amy Winehouse, The Queen, Michael Jackson or Adele wandering your prom…need we say more. A mix-and-mingle lookalike is a great prom surprise.

  1. Tribute Act or Band

Not surprisingly, tribute acts  and tribute bands are a firm prom favourite – bringing music, dancing, fun and songs that everyone knows and loves. You could hire an Elvis tribute to go with a rock-and-roll, 1950s theme, hire an Abba Tribute band to go with a Mama Mia or 70s theme or a George Michael tribute to go with your 80s theme…you get the idea!

  1. Comedian

Hiring a comedian is a great way to get a prom started and get everyone in the right mood for a really fun evening. You can prime your prom comedian with lots of in-jokes about the students in your Leavers’ year and maybe even a few carefully-chosen jokes about the teachers…

  1. Sweet cart

It’s the fun touches that make all the difference and a sweet cart not only looks really pretty, but it also helps give everyone a little sugar boost to help them keep dancing, laughing and partying right to the end.

And 30 Prom Themes to Inspire You…

Before you go, don’t forget to download our 30 Prom Theme ideas. The best prom themes we could find, from Comic Book & Carnival, to Summer Festival Vibes & Surfing.

prom themes ideas

30 Amazing Prom themes: Everything from Comic Book & Carnival, to Summer Festival and Surfing.

And finally, if you need more inspiration, check out our Teen Party Entertainment Ideas.

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