How to Get Repeat Bookings & Recommendations: The Entertainers’ & Event Service Providers’ Guide

How to Get Repeat Bookings

What would you like your next testimonial to say about your service?

For most of us we would want it to say that our act or service was outstanding, that we made the booker’s event enjoyable and memorable, made their guests smile and that they would book us again and recommend our service in a heartbeat. And that’s what we should all aim for throughout the booking process, event and follow-up.

Because that’s how businesses grow, through outstanding communication, attention to detail, client care and of course…talent or a fantastic service.

This is our quick and easy guide to making sure you provide an excellent service and get those repeat bookings and word-of-mouth recommendations – we’ve even included a Booking Confirmation template so you don’t forget a thing!

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Customer Service Communication

Communication is Key

As a business (and that’s what you are, whether you’re a singer or magician or a make-up artist or fireworks service) communication is the most important part of your customer service.

You know how it makes you feel if a company or service get back to you quickly…or very slowly – making sure you respond promptly and clearly makes a huge difference to how your bookers will feel about dealing with you.

The first stage is of course responding to your booking request. It’s a good idea to start a new habit of checking any emails and logging-into Entertainers Worldwide to check for new requests every couple of days.

Emails can go astray so logging-in to check on Entertainers Worldwide, Facebook, your own website or anywhere else you take bookings is a great habit to get into.

Keep Communication clear and simple

Keep it Simple & Clear

It goes without saying that any communication with bookers should be polite and helpful, but it also needs to be clear so there is no confusion or misunderstandings over your booking.

A great way to begin is to give your booker and simple booking form with all the information you need to be able to give them a realistic quote or estimate. This could include:

  • The booking date
  • The performance length/event length
  • The address of the event
  • Any equipment supplied by you/them
  • Any special requests (for example, karaoke to be included in a DJ booking)

From this, you can then supply your bookers with a clear booking confirmation, which should include:

All of the details above

  • Your set up time/arrival time
  • The space you require to set up/perform
  • Your cost/quote including travel
  • Your deposit requirements
  • Your cancellation terms
  • Your payment terms and details (when you expect to be paid and how)

You can download our interactive Booking Confirmation PDF template for this here.

Finally, depending on your act or service you may also want to contact the venue to make sure they have everything you need in terms of space, plugs, equipment etc and to check if there are any restrictions you should be aware of. This could also be confirmed through your booker.

Add a personal touch to your performance

Add that Personal Touch

Now we get to that all important personal touch, the cherry on the cake, the bit they will remember you for.  You know when you order something online and it arrives with a personal message, a card or beautifully wrapped? That’s how your customer service should make them feel. What you do when it comes to the event, in every way from how you dress, to how you behave with the guests is vital…but those little extras will ensure you get recommendations and good testimonials…

Here are a few ideas to make sure they think you are amazing & help guarantee those future bookings:

Bring a card: If the event you’ve been booked for is a Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary or any other life event, bring a card!

Bring your business cards: If you’re a performer and you get to mingle with the guests, they may well ask for your card, so pop a few in your pocket!

Bring your biggest smile and all your charm: whatever act or service you’re supplying, a friendly smile goes such a long way. People organising events are often feeling the pressure and reassurance and kindness will really help them. And you can use your best charm on any guests (your future bookers) you meet.

Bring those other personal touches: what else can you do to show you care about their event? Can you include something personal in your act or show? Can you add something to the way you’re dressed or your costume?

And after the thank yous and the warm goodbyes? You could follow up with a quick email or message to say how much you enjoyed their event…and request a testimonial!

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