Live Bands from Musical Eras

Anything vintage is extremely popular at the moment so we thought it would be a great idea to put together a guide for hiring live bands from musical eras. Here on our website we have many live bands for hire which span all sorts of decades so here are our top suggestions to bring vintage into your upcoming event…

Rat Pack Shows

If you want to add a bit of sophistication to your next event, why not hire a rat pack band to bring music from the Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin era. In the 1960’s, the rat pack consisted of a group of actors/artists that performed together with an air of suave about them. Hiring a rat pack show not only adds musical entertainment in the form of swing music, but a whole show for your guests as they are thrilled with a visual display of showmanship! We have a number of Rat Pack shows listed with us in their very own dedicated section, including the amazing tribute performing in the United Kingdom.

60’s Tribute Bands

The 1960’s saw the increase in popularity of rock-and-roll, along with other pop and experimental music. It’s an era which is popular with all sorts of ages of audiences, due to its variation in sound. On our website we have many 1960’s tribute bands available to hire, for example “The Kasuals Solid Sixties“, a four-piece band that plays a variety of music from this era. Other more specific tribute bands and artists from that era are also available in their own dedicated sections. The Beatles and Elvis Presley are some examples of tributes that can be booked through our entertainment directory.

The 1970’s

Throughout the 1970’s, music became even more varied with the increase in funk, soul and r&b music. Many bands and artists made a name for themselves in this era, and again, the 1970’s is a popular era for tribute bands for performances. If you are planning a 1970’s inspired event, why not hire an Elton John, Rolling Stones or Kiss tribute band?

80’s Tribute Bands

The 1980’s saw music dance and reggae music being a replacement for disco and the emergence of thrash metal too! Our entertainment directory has plenty of options if you are planning a time warp event back to the 1980’s, with a number of 1980’s tribute bands that play a variety of hits from that era. Dedicated tribute acts and bands can be booked, such as Michael Jackson and Tina Turner.


Along with all of these eras, we also have tribute bands and acts up to the present day including Mariah Carey, Lady Gaga and Robbie Williams. Don’t forget, we have a massive number of original artists too, in their very own live bands section which can be categorised even further into different genres.


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