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With the latest installment of the Harry Potter series, “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” hitting the shelves this week, Harry Potter mania is again at a high!  There are so many fans of the books and films around the world that hosting a Harry Potter themed party is very popular!  Even couples have been hosting Harry Potter themed weddings, and giving their wedding photography a twist!

We thought it would be fun to detail some of our entertainment ideas which would be perfect for a Harry Potter fan, so keep reading for inspiration and once you’ve decided what entertainment you would like to book, use our website to get the ball rolling!

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Martin John – Close-Up Magician

Book a Close-Up Magician to Add Magic to your Event!

We couldn’t mention a Harry Potter themed party without suggesting a close-up magician for your entertainment needs!  A Close-Up magician might not be able to perform the Wingardium Leviosa spell, but they will be able to perform sleight of hand and simple illusions using small objects such as coins, bank notes and other objects.  A close-up magician will add a dynamic element to your occasion, as they generally work around the room performing to small groups of guests.  This will act as a perfect ice-breaker for guests who don’t necessarily know each other.  Click here to browse our selection of Close-Up Magicians available on our entertainment directory!

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Magic – Illusionist 

For more impact, choose an Illusionist to put on a performance

What Harry Potter themed party is complete without some sort of magic?  If you like the idea of making more of a performance, choose a stage illusionist to perform to your guests!  A stage illusionist will perform bigger tricks, daring illusions and will get your guests gasping for breath!  Usually with the help of a beautiful assistant, a stage illusionist will offer a fabulous performance giving your guests plenty to talk about afterwards.  Do you love magicians in the style of David Copperfield or Penn and Teller, booking an illusionist will be the perfect choice for your upcoming event!  Want to view all of the stage illusionists we have available?  Click here to view them now!

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Grant Saunders, Hypnotist from

For something fun and unusual, opt for a Hypnotist!

If you want to book entertainment that is a little different, why not look at booking a hypnotist who will happily hypnotise some of your guests as volunteers to make them do funny things without realising.  This type of entertainment gives guests a central talking point and they certainly won’t be expecting to watch such a spectacular!  Stage Hypnotist shows include comedy and offer a well-rounded yet unusual entertainment method.   Perfect for corporate entertainment and team building, if you’d like to find a hypnotist near you, click here to check out our available performers!

Add a Hagrid Lookalike to give your event some authenticity

Here at we have a number of lookalikes available to book to mingle with guests and act like their idol.  Why not look at booking a Hagrid lookalike for your Harry Potter themed event to give your guests an absolute surprise!  Rubeus Hagrid is a well-loved character from the Harry Potter series, played by Robbie Coltrane and is half-giant and half-human.  If you want your Harry Potter mad guests to have some fun, we can’t think of a better type of entertainment than a lookalike – especially if you are hosting a fancy dress party!  Click here to view our Hagrid lookalikes on our entertainment website.

Caricaturist - John Roberts

John Roberts – Caricaturist from

Hire a caricaturist to sketch your guests and give them a memento

Although this type of entertainment isn’t wholy linked to Harry Potter we think it would be a fantastic choice if you are hosting a Harry Potter themed fancy dress party.  Your caricaturist will either work from a central location at your event, or work around the room sketching guests in a comedic manner within a few minutes and letting them take away their drawings too!  Caricaturists are the perfect choice for many types of occasion, such as weddings, birthday parties or corporate events!  Click here to find a caricaturist to perform at your next event!

We hope you have enjoyed our entertainment suggestions for a Harry Potter themed party and that you’ll consider using our website for all of your entertainment needs.  Here at we have been running for a number of years, and as such are growing in size every day!  If you’d like to book the right entertainment for your next event, simply use our directory until you find the perfect choice for you!

Once you’ve found an entertainer you’d like to book or enquire about, all you need to do is use our simple contact form or partially hidden telephone number on each of our entertainers’ profiles.  This will put you in direct contact with them – with no hidden fees or additional booking fees!

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