Silhouette Art For A Classy Party

Shadows and Silhouettes To Entertain Your Guests

Party Hosts appreciate fresh ideas to keep guests entertained and absorbed. If you are looking for an act that is guaranteed to intrigue and delight your guests – why not hire a Silhouette Artist? It’s an increasingly unusual art form – but has great staying power, because your guests take home their own personal shadow portrait – a beautiful memento of a successful event!

Silhouette Art by Charles Burns

So What Does A Silhouettist Do?

Individual guests are offered the opportunity to have a quick portrait taken. It only takes a few minutes, so it is not invasive or overly demanding on the party atmosphere. The artist works with scissors and plain paper – usually black or dark grey in tone. The artist considers the face of the client (your guest) and using the scissors, cuts a profile of their face straight onto black paper. The detail is extraordinary – and your guests likeness will be instantly recognisable.

This sort of entertainment is perfect for setting a party in motion. It’s easy to organise because the artist is fully responsible for their work by approaching guests and offering to draw their portrait. This type of entertainment compliments other activities – it’s fun and fascinating to watch and your guests have the pleasure of a personal keepsake. Artists are amongst the wide selection of variety and speciality acts available to book on Entertainers Worldwide.

We are delighted to feature Silhouette Artist Charles Burns.

The Roving Artist (promo video) from Charles Burns on Vimeo.

After earning a 1st Class Degree in Fine Art, Charles made his way to London’s’ Covent Garden – which in the early 1980’s was buzzing with performers and street artists. It was a bold step to leave the world of Fine Art but word of his talent spread. His speedy and accurate portraits were a knock-out. It wasn’t long before he was spotted as a unique talent and he began attending private parties, corporate and charity events – he began to use a lot of paper!

Charles has rejuvenated this rare skill over the last 30 years and has provided his Shadow Art at hundreds of venues all over the world. His interest in this delicate style of portraiture is clear from his interaction with the audience. “I take a few minutes of a guests time – perhaps they have never had a silhouette taken before, so it’s rewarding to witness their reactions. Usually, they like them! To be able to use my art in this immediate and personal way offers the individual an entirely different view of themselves – and it opens up discussions about who we are…it’s a privilege to contribute to people’s enjoyment at an event”.

To date, Charles has undertaken in excess of an astonishing 150,000 shadow profiles, including Presidents and Royalty. He is particularly good at drawing and cutting two figures from one sheet of paper – ideal for an Engagement or Wedding event. He has co-written a documentary about the history and secrets of this art form, and networks with other shadow artists around the world. If you’d like to find out more about Charles visit his website The Roving Artist and of course  view his profile on Entertainers Worldwide.

Charles Burns Silhouette Artist

Your next event could be your best – whether it’s a Garden Party or a special Anniversary, this gentle form of entertainment is guaranteed to provide your guests with a memorable experience.

Here are some more ideas about what a Silhouette Artist can do for your event and also some helpful hints at what to consider when making a booking.

Once you have found an act that meets your requirements, simply click the Contact Direct / Request options and you can communicate directly with your chosen artist. We pride ourselves on being one of the few entertainment booking services where you deal directly with entertainers and there are no booking fees involved!

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