Wonderful Ideas for Music to enhance your Wedding Ceremony

One of the central elements of any Wedding is music. From the choice of music for the entrance of the bride, walking down the aisle, through to the first dance and right up until the very last song performed by your wedding entertainers later in the evening.

In this blog article we take a look at the key times music is used throughout your wedding and provide helpful tips for each to enhance your day.

First we will start with music for your Wedding Ceremony:

Wedding Ceremony Violinist

Wedding Ceremony Music

Live music can make any wedding ceremony all the more beautiful, from the romanticism that a live string quartet provides, to carefully choosing and playing your favourite and most poignant songs that have featured in your lives as a couple.

If you do opt for live music remember that whether you opt for classical instruments or something more modern, musicians who are talented will be able to play almost any song you wish, with the most effective of songs being played in an original way (the Wedding scene in Love Actually, anyone?).

Music for the Arrival of the guests – Before and After the Ceremony

Music should be used for welcoming your guests, both as they arrive before the ceremony as well as when they enter the reception or dining area.

There may be a subtle difference between the music prior to the ceremony as compared to after, with the latter being potentially more upbeat than the serene calming music for the initial welcoming of your guests.

You should also think about music for your guests whilst they await your imminent arrival within the wedding ceremony room or church (in the latter instance however you may well be restricted to the church organist and the music that they can play).

In any of these instances, and presuming that you have free reign, you might want to consider a hiring a String Quartet, a Harpist, a Pianist/Keyboardist, a Violinist or how about hiring a Classical/Spanish Guitarist?

Wedding Ceremony String Quartet

Music for the arrival of the Bride, the Bridal party and the Bride & Groom’s exit

 Processional Music

The processional music is that which is played upon the Bride and Bridal party’s entrance. For a church service this may be the traditional Bridal March song, and it may be coupled with a similar such song played by a professional Bagpiper (who plays from the moment the bride arrives, to when she and her bridal party arrive at the church gates). The bride may also wish to separate out the entrances, with one song for her, and another for the bridesmaids, flower girls and page boys.

Alternatively you shouldn’t feel restricted to the relatively traditional music for your big moment, as the majority of civil ceremony venues will allow you complete control over your musical choices (with the exception of religious music that is usually only allowed in a church wedding and not a civil ceremony).

Recessional Music

Recessional Music is played whilst the bride and groom exit the ceremony, which invariably tends to be more upbeat than the music played upon the entrance of the bride and the bridal party.  There is however a short amount of time to consider having music played after the bride and groom have been pronounced husband and wife, and this is during the signing of the register.  This may be a great time for an Opera Singer to begin singing either alone or with the backing of a String Quartet, a Harpist or a Pianist/Keyboardist to name a few.  Alternatively if opera is not the kind of sound that meets your fancy, hiring a Male Singer or Female Singer could be a great choice to sing your favourite songs, or why not have a calmer instrumental version of the same song that was played for the bride and her party as they entered the ceremony…it is all down to you!  If you are booking a Wedding Band or a Function & Party Band to play for the evening it may also be worthwhile money saving idea to ask if they can perform at the service also.

Music during the Photographs

One time during the day that many may either overlook or underestimate is the photography session. For the bride and groom, this session may last an hour or more, and so it’s important that guests are adequately entertained in a suitable area and with refreshments. This time may whizz by for you and your newly wedded husband or wife, but your guests may well appreciate some lively or atmospheric music to bridge the time between this and the wedding breakfast.

Wedding Ceremony Classical Spanish Guitarist

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