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Dancers adviceTo celebrate the launch of our new Facebook Dancers group  we spent two weeks focusing on the wonderful world of Divine Dancers.

If you missed out on the fun, take a look at our career tips and advice, inspiration and laughs below.

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This is essential reading for all you talented Dancers! If you need to get more paid work then find out how in 3 easy steps…                                      Just click here

If you’re looking for career tips from the experts, you should also check out this advice from professional dancers, agents and choreographers


Everyone has days when they find it hard to get going …if you need some inspiration watch this – so beautiful and uplifting, you can’t fail to be filled with love and enthusiasm for your art:

For Divine Dancers fortnight we also posted some of our favourite dance videos, here’s our favourite:

And here are some of our inspirational graphic. Please feel free to download and share 🙂

Dance is the hidden language - FBDancers are the Athletes of GodThe fact that - FBNever too tired - FB




We hope you really enjoyed Divine Dancers fortnight and found all our  posts motivating and inspiring. Remember to join our Facebook group for more fun and support and if you want to make sure you see all our latest job opportunities, register with us today. You can also check out the latest jobs for dancers here anytime!

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