Essential Tips for Entertainers for Social Distancing & Staying Safe at Gigs & Bookings

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The good news is that we are finally at a point where, for many areas, events and entertainment booking have begun to start up again. Larger gathering are allowed as long as social distancing guidelines are being followed.

As a result, many of our Entertainers have been asking for advice on what to do to include social distancing considerations and safety when taking booking and attending gigs for this Autumn & Winter.

We have produced this infographic for you to download & keep on your device to refer to when you take a new booking, so that you feel you can take new enquiries with confidence and also show your clients that you have considered all aspects of your performance, so they they feel reassured.

If you would like to take more bookings and aren’t already an active member with us, you can find our more here.

Obviously, we’re aware that sadly some clients are also having to re-schedule or cancel during this period of social distancing, and you can find more information on what to do if this occurs on our Covid-19 Support page, along with advice on financial support and funding.

Social Distancing & Staying Safe at Gigs & Bookings

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1.) Be prepared to do some digging and reassure your client. You are the professional, they will be expecting advice from you, particularly for private bookings.

2.) When you receive a new booking, there are some helpful questions you can ask to help you prepare:

  • How many people will be at the event?
  • Where will the event be held?
  • Is there a plan in place already to ensure social distancing?

3.) If the event location has been confirmed, you might like to ask for a floorpan. Alternatively you could discuss:

  • How much space is there for your act?
  • Is there a place to prepare yourself?

4.) Another area to consider is when you may need to wear a mask, for example, where there is less than a metre between you and another person

5.) As with all plans you discuss with your clients, you should make sure that anything you agree is emailed to your client, so that you can both feel comfortable about the arrangements and look forward to the event.

5.) Keep up to date with the government’s advice on social distancing and staying safe during Covid-19 in your area.

6.) Don’t forget to bring your own hand sanitizer and any face masks you need for the event. Even better, create face masks that compliment your costume & your act!

Stay Safe & Enjoy Your Gigs & Bookings.

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