Hiring a Comedian – Tips, Advice and How to Book

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Whether you are hiring a Comedian for a Wedding, Corporate Event, a Comedy night or other event, booking a comedian is sure to lighten the mood and give your guests a fun, memorable evening. Comedians are suitable for a multitude of events, from Trade Show entertainment right the way through to unique wedding entertainment.

This guide not only details the different styles of comedian or comedy acts that are available to hire, but also gives tips and advice in making your final decisions.  Let’s look at the various comedy act options first.

Stand-Up Comedians

Hiring a stand-up comedian is probably the most popular style of comedy act booked for events.  Different comedians will cover a multitude of topics. It is possible to hire a clean stand-up comedian for family events or where children are present to ensure that their performance will be suitable for younger viewers.  If you are hosting an adults-only event, an adult stand-up comedian will cover more taboo topics and add in regular swearing.

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Johnny Creal – Adult Stand Up Comedian

Comedy Singers

A comedy singer provides a unique style of comedy that adds music and humour to keep guests entertained.  Famous celebrities such as Steve Martin and Tim Minchin have made this style of comedy very popular with the introduction of clever lyrics surrounding taboo subjects.  This makes for a very entertaining performance!

Comedy Impressionists

A great comedy impressionist will give guests a spectacular performance while impersonating famous celebrities such as Hugh Grant, Bruce Willis and David Beckham.  Comedy impressionists not only sound like the real deal, but will also pick up on distinguishable facial expressions and mannerisms too. Impressionism is a unique form of entertainment that will boost the mood at any celebration.

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Drew Cameron – Comedy Impressionist

Comedy Waiters

If you are hosting a sit down dinner or serving canapés, why not wind up your guests with comedy waiters?  These waiters merge in with legitimate waiting staff and start off as a less obvious entertainment act as they make mistakes collecting plates, nibbling on leftovers and acting silly.  Their increasingly bizarre behaviour will arouse a few suspicions among your guests and provide a huge talking point for your event. Comedy Waiters are a perfect cocktail reception entertainment or dinner party option.

Drag Queen Acts

For something completely different, why not book a drag queen act?  These flamboyant characters add glitz and glamour to any celebration and will perform singing, stand-up comedy or even dance. This style of entertainment will result in plenty of audience participation and will provide something to talk about long after the event has finished. Just imagine your next Christmas Party with a drag queen act present!

Drag Queen

Drag Queen Act

What Style of Comedy Act Should I Book?

When choosing the right comedy act for your event, your final choice is generally based on your audience and the type of event you are hosting. Older guests may be offended by an adult style stand-up comedian or drag queen act.  Always make sure that the act will suit your audience before booking.

Once you have chosen the style of comedy you require, take a look through all of the profiles on our website where you can view biographies, testimonials and in some instances watch video performances to view the style of show you will be getting.  A great comedian will take pride in showing off their talents.

How Much Will it Cost to Book a Comedy Act?

Prices to book comedy acts will vary on both the experience and style of comedy you choose.  Hiring multiple comedy waiters will usually cost more than a solo comedian, but this is not always the case.  Generally, more experienced comedians will charge a lot more than someone who is just starting out in the industry, and gaining experience.


Find Out What Topics They Cover and Other Important Questions

Never be afraid to ask questions when booking a comedy act for your event.  If there are certain topics you would like them to avoid, discuss these beforehand and work together to ensure that your guests won’t be offended.  If you would prefer a cleaner performance, this can be arranged too.  Check how much their performance will cost, and although you will be expected to pay a deposit to secure your booking, it is advisable not to pay fully up front before your event.

Will There Be Any Special Requirements For My Comedian?

Most comedians will provide their own set-up equipment, but double check if your comedian will need any special equipment or performance space at your venue.

Is There A Contingency Plan Due To Illness?

Remember to ask your chosen act if they have a contingency plan if they are ill on the date of your event.  Many will have friends in the industry that will provide a backup performance but make sure you view some of their material too.  Check if there are any cancellation fees from your end as well.

Booking a comedian for your event doesn’t have to be stressful.  Use your common sense and remember to ask any important questions to ensure your event runs smoothly and is a complete success.

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