Talent Fortnight – Inspiration & Motivation for Entertainers

talent, inspiration, singers, dancers, musicians, bands, magicians, comediansTalent – what is it? How much of it do we need? Is Talent just another word for inspired-hard work?

These are all the things we’ve been looking at and thinking about over the past few weeks across our social media channels.

Here’s a round-up of some of the inspiring and thought provoking posts we shared and some of the many different opinions we heard from our Facebook group members. If you would like to join one of our entertainers and Facebook communities, join in the discussion and see the latest gig opportunities, just visit our Facebook Page and click on groups to find your tribe.

Advice and Inspiration for…


We started our fortnight with this video – this amazing dancer shows her journey from dancing newbie to pro, over the course of a year. But is it real? Did she have untapped talent or did her hard graft pay off…or do you think it just isn’t possible and she faked the whole thing?

Advice & Career Tips from Dancer and Social Media Personality Meghan Sanett. Lots of good advice here on auditions, rejection and career development, as well as making the most of your talent:


Talent is the starting point, but what if your nerves eclipse your skills? Overcoming performance anxiety for magicians: https://youtu.be/VmTTOOIQydE. Really useful, practical tips. Like what trick to open with.


There are some great examples in this blog of all time greats who grafted like you wouldn’t believe: The Talent Myth: Why You Can Be a Great Jazz Musician! Jazz Advice.


This is a really useful blog post for Bands – Tips For Developing Your Artist or Band “Story”
Some great ideas here on how to promote yourself on social media and how to brand your band.


This is an interesting take on whether you need to be very talented to be able to sing well…

And Finally…

We like to get a bit of debate going in our groups – here are a few of our topics and some of the reactions from the entertainers in our groups during ‘Talent Fortnight’:

inpiration, inspiring, quote, dancer, singer, musician, performer

inspiring, inspire, motivation, quote, singer, dancer, musician, band, magician

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