Ten Tips for a Top Singing Voice: Infographic

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For singers, your voice is your instrument, your tool, your gift and your livelihood – what could be more important than keeping it in tip top condition!

To help you maintain great voice health and make sure you perform at your best, we’ve created this infographic with all the tips you need.

You can find more advice for singers, on how to launch a sensational singing career and more, here.

tips, voice, singers, advice, health, vocal

  1. Water! Water lubricates your vocal cords so make sure you drink up to 8-10 glasses of pure water every day (caffeinated drinks don’t count)
  2. Warm-up:  Just like athletes, singers need to limber up before they perform. Remember your simple exercises, particularly before auditions and gigs.
  3. Take a Break: Your voice needs breaks, just like you – so take some quiet time every day
  4. Use a Mic: Projection is a wonderful thing, but you still need to avoid straining your voice, let a microphone do some of the work
  5. Your singing Technique is Key: Keep those throat and neck muscles relaxed and keep perfecting your technique to avoid strain and develop a beautiful tone
  6. (Don’t) Keep Clear: Don’t clear your throat too often, it slams your vocal cords together. Just sip water.
  7. Humidify: Humidify your your home and work areas. Moisture is good for the voice.
  8. Quick Fix: Hot water with lemon, ginger and honey is a great healing tonic. Steaming will also help a sore throat.
  9. Eat Well: Eat plenty of water-rich fruit and veg and avoid dairy that can gum up those wonderful vocal cords.
  10. Wear a scarf: Changes in temperature, hot or cold, can really affect your voice. Keep your voice wrapped up with a wooly or soft scarf.

And once you’ve go that beautiful voice in great shape, make sure you get out there and use it – whether you’re looking for Singing Jobs & Auditions, Cruise jobs or local gigs, you can get your career moving just by signing up to our Free jobs & gigs email alerts.

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