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If you are expecting your little bundle of joy soon, you might be treated to a little get-together known as a baby shower.  Baby Showers are an American tradition which has again, crossed the pond and are becoming very popular among mothers from all countries.  Although baby showers were primarily introduced to celebrate the recent birth of a child, they have started becoming more popular during the later stages of pregnancy.  This idea is very similar to that of a bridal shower, where friends and family meet and enjoy lovely food and good company, while presenting the new mother with gifts, perfect for baby.

You might think that hiring entertainment for a baby shower is a little unusual, but we think that it will add even more fun and memories to an already emotional event.  We aren’t suggesting that you go all out and hire a live band, as baby showers tend to be quieter affairs, but here at www.EntertainersWorldwide.com we have some fantastic entertainment ideas for a baby shower.

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Nathan Newcastle – Close-Up Magician from EntertainersWorldwide.com

Book a Close-Up Magician to Mingle with Guests

Along with playing baby related games, such as guess the weight and date of birth, who can drink the fastest out of a baby bottle and other quirky, fun games, we think that hiring entertainment, such as a close-up magician will add a magical element to your baby shower.  A close-up magician will generally work around the room, performing magic tricks and illusions to small groups of guests.  They make the perfect ice-breaker, so if you have guests attending who don’t know each other it will give them a subject to talk about and get people mingling!  Click here to find a Close-Up Magician using our entertainment directory today!

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Luke Burrage – Juggler from EntertainersWorldwide.com

Host a fun filled baby shower with the help of a Juggler!

Jugglers make fantastic entertainment for plenty of events, and if you are planning on having a proper party when it comes to your baby shower, we highly recommend booking a juggler to perform to your guests.  A juggler will juggle will all-sorts of small objects, including colourful balls, batons and more while your guests watch and are amazed.  Some guests might even have a go themselves at learning how to juggle and we think this type of entertainment would be perfect for an outdoor, carnival themed baby shower!  Click here to find a juggler for your upcoming baby shower now!

Hire a Lookalike to entertain your guests at your baby shower

A lookalike is quite an unusual type of entertainment for a baby shower, but if your expectant mother really loves a specific celebrity, such as Simon Cowell or Daniel Craig, why not give them a bit of a treat and hire them a lookalike!  Lookalikes will mingle will guests and act like they are the real celebrity which will add not only an element of surprise, but mystery too!  We don’t recommend that you book your new mother’s crush too close to her labour date though!  The excitement just might start her off!  Want to find a lookalike using our website?  Click here to browse through all of our available performers!

Caricaturist - John Roberts

John Roberts – Caricaturist from EntertainersWorldwide.com

Make some memories and book a Caricaturist

If you want to give your guests and yourself something to remember your baby shower with, why not book a caricaturist to sketch your guests in a funny manner, and give them their sketches to take away with them.  A Caricaturist will only take a few minutes per sketch, giving them plenty of time to work around the room and make sure no one misses out on this opportunity.  Alternatively, another lovely idea is to get your caricaturist to sketch everyone and instead of giving each individual their sketch, make a little scrap book and present this to your mother to be!  Find a Caricaturist to sketch your guests near you today!

We think that adding some entertainment to a baby shower will really make all the difference and make it even more special for not only the expectant mother, but all of her guests too!  Use our website www.EntertainersWorldwide.com to find the right entertainment for your upcoming event and using our free services, you’ll not only be able to find the perfect entertainment category, but entertainer too!  You can contact them directly using our simple contact form and this service is completely free!

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