Unusual Baby Shower Entertainment Ideas

Unique and Creative Baby Shower Entertainment Ideas

You’ve probably already read our fantastic Baby Shower Entertainment Ideas, but if you’re looking for something a little different to for your baby shower, you’re in the right place.

We have some wonderful ways for you to make the Mum-to-Be feel really special and create memories that will stay with you until your little ones are all grown up! So read on, make sure you listen to the Baby Shower Playlist and don’t forget to download your gorgeous free Predictions & Advice notes to print and give out to your guests!

Whatever you choose for your Baby Shower, if you can’t find the right Baby Shower Entertainment near you in our directory, just fill in our request form and we’ll find it for you.

Baby Shower Music Ideas and Playlist

Baby Shower Music Ideas

We know that unborn babies react to music and that listening to music may also help their brain development, so what better Baby Shower gift for your expecting friend than to hire a musician for your event.

Classical and Spanish Guitarists are not only incredibly talented, but they also create the most beautiful and soothing background music. Or if you really want to make this an occasion to remember then why not hire a String Quartet. Listening to all that beautiful, inspirational music might well be the catalyst to making the next Mozart or Einstein.

Another way to include music into your baby shower party, while also giving everyone some interactive entertainment is to hire a Singing Teacher. They will be able to teach you all the fundamentals of singing, and you could even request that they teach you some classic lullabies for the Mum-to-Be to use to soothe her newborn to sleep when they arrive.

Looking for song ideas for your baby shower music? Just listen to our playlist:

Baby Shower Pamper Party

Let’s be honest, once the baby arrives there will be very little time for pampering and beauty routines. Your Baby Shower is the perfect occasion for a bit of Mum-time. You could create your own nail and beauty bar, and treat each other to beautiful manicures and pedicures, as well as bringing face masks and aromatherapy oils to try out.

To make it a really special occasion you could also hire a Make-up Artist for your baby shower . A great moment to get some tips of getting your make-up looking beautiful, even when you only have 5 minutes to freshen up! You can now book virtual sessions with Make-up artists, so if you want to keep your Baby Shower small you can all learn your make-up tips on a Zoom call.

Baby Shower Pamper Party

And finally, some Totally Different, Creative Baby Shower Entertainment Hire Ideas

If you want completely different Baby Shower entertainment that will give your Mum-to-Be a wonderful surprise, how about hiring a Silhouette artist? With just paper and scissors they will create gorgeous silhouette cut outs of each of you, and anyone else if you bring along a photo – creating amazing mementos for you all to keep.

Or you could hire a Poet for your baby shower, to create beautiful, on the spot poems for all of you, and of course about the new baby! Again, Poets for Hire can also be booked for virtual entertainment, giving you the flexibility to create your perfect Baby Shower with all or some of you on a Zoom call.

We hope you’ve really enjoyed these unusual Baby Shower Entertainment ideas, but please do take a look at the other entertainment ideas in our blog if you’re looking for more inspiration.

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