Do you want to be a Cruise Entertainer?

Cruise2Find out the benefits and challenges with our low-down on the top 5 huge bonuses and 5 questions you need to consider…

Could there be any better gig in the world than a Cruise ship contract? These days there are no end to the types of entertainers that Cruise lines will hire, from dancers, singers, musicians, DJs and acrobats to tribute bands, magicians and even painters and circus acts. So if you’re a gifted entertainer there’s a good chance there’s a role for you and with it comes with amazing perks. Maybe soon you will be joining the crew on board one of these incredible cruise ships – some of the largest in the world!

Before you dive in, make sure you also visit our Cruise Ship Entertainers page to find out more about contracts and apply to the latest Cruise Performer jobs.

So what are the biggest benefits?…

  1. You get to perform most days

You’ll be working anything between twice a week and twice a day, so your skills and talent will develop quickly. If you’re a stage performer you’ll also get to work in very high quality productions, and use all of your skills (singing, dancing and acting), which is fantastic for your C.V.

  1. You’ll save money

The pay is good and your overheads are covered. Your employer pays for your accommodation and food, and often your travel too.

  1. You get to meet new people

You’ll be working with new travellers all the time and you’ll be able to interact with them and hear all their stories.

  1. You’ll be living in a floating hotel

So there’s no commute! You work a short walk from your accommodation.

  1. Best of all, you get to travel around the world

You’ll get to see more places during your contract than most people will see in a lifetime.

Does that sound like the perfect gig for you? We have lots of castings and auditions for cruise entertainers to apply for  but before you go for it, just ask yourself these questions…

  1. Do you have what it takes to work anything up to for 10-12 hours a day?

If you’re working on any of the stage shows the chances are you may well be doing technical rehearsals every day, as well as performing 2 or 3 times a night. Even if there are less performances your role may double up as ‘activity staff’. Musicians also work most days. The only roles with a lighter work-load are the ‘Guest Entertainers’, such as Magicians and Comedians who fly on for one or two weeks and may only need to do three or four sets.

  1. Can you cope with strict rules & a rigid hierarchy?

All Cruise lines have rules, and some are more strict than others. In all cases there are some rules that simply can’t be broken, and if you do then you’re out, immediately. Cruise ships also have a rigid hierarchy, with a clear distinction between those at the top (the captain and senior staff) and everyone else. You’ll need to show respect and defer to those at the top of the heap!

  1. Are you genuinely a people-person?

This is one of the most important questions because you will be around people the majority of the time while you’re at sea. You need to be great with the passengers, even the difficult ones, and calm with the other staff. If someone is driving you mad there’s no getting away from them, you live together and eat together and you’ll need to be able to diffuse any drama.

  1. Do you cope well with stress?

An excellent Cruise entertainer has bucket-loads of patience. Patience with customers, crew and team-mates and can cope with all of this alongside the stress of working long hours.

  1. Do you get homesick?

Cruise entertainers are not just away from home for months, they also have little contact with people back home. Phones and internet need to be paid for onboard, and internet connection can be really patchy. As well as being away from loved ones, you are also away from all your creature comforts – the privacy of your own room (cabins are shared), the comfort of your own sofa, your own food (it can be hard to keep to special diets on ships, particularly vegan diets) and even fresh water to shower in.

If you’ve answered all of these questions and are still itching to start your sea-born, global entertainment adventure then you’ve got what it takes and should start applying now!

We have plenty of Cruise gigs, auditions and castings to apply for, whether you’re looking for Cruise Musician jobs, Cruise Band jobs, Cruise Singer jobs or any other form of Cruise entertainer work, just keep any eye out for them on our auditions page. Applying couldn’t be easier – just register with us and get started!

Good luck and enjoy the adventure – there’s an amazing world out there just waiting for talented entertainers like you!




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