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If you’re reading this, the chances are you’ve already started on the road to a singing career (if not, then a good place to start is an online singing course). Perhaps you’re just at the stage of trying to get your first Singing Jobs, or perhaps you’ve been gigging for years and are looking to find ways to get more work and boost your motivation. Everyone’s journey will be different, since we all have different styles and skills sets. But whatever stage you’re at on that journey, we have some sound advice to get you moving in the right direction.

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Obviously, you have a phenomenal voice, but even the best and most successful singers need to keep their voices in tip-top shape. Make sure you keep your voice performance-ready with regular vocal exercises and top-up lessons. We can all learn something new, however experienced we are and having a new trick can really make your performance shine.


Your act isn’t just your beautiful voice and your vocal performance, it’s also your stage craft and your presence. For great advice on overcoming your fears and building stage confidence, take a look at our ‘3 Top Tips to Guarantee You Perform at your Best’ written by a hypnotherapist and psychotherapist. Even if you’ve found your feet and are totally at home in front of an audience, keep looking at new ways to work the stage, interact with the band and bring movement and entertainment to your show.

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A great way to review your performance is to really think about your audience – how will you build rapport with them? Think about the bands and singers that you adore and notice what it is you love so much about them – is it the character they portray, their style, their performance? Chances are it’s all of these things, it’s the whole package that creates their unique ‘brand’ – so start creating this for yourself.

Once all of this is in place you can keep improving day by day with practise, practise and guess what…yes, more practise! Take any opportunity to perform, even if it’s unpaid to begin with. Go busking, offer to sing at a friend’s party, just keep building that experience in any and every way you can. You may not be paid cash but you will learn with every performance, and you can also use these occasions to get great video footage and photos for your marketing!
Your song

If you’re going for lots of auditions or planning to make a promo video it can really help to have a ‘go to’ song. Which song makes your voice sound like a dream? Is there one that shows all of your vocal range and wonderful tone? Is there a song that really means something to you and brings out that powerful emotion? Find it, practise it and use it!


Your job is your dream, what could be more wonderful – so make sure you enjoy the journey and stay true to your path. There’s no doubt that building a singing career isn’t always easy, but here are a few ideas to help you follow your calling…


We all find we have to be flexible to get the job we want, but the important thing is to stay true to what makes you ‘you’. Don’t try to change your voice, and if you have a distinct look, stick to that too. If what you’re doing is a bit different, there’s a good chance that that could end up being what makes you a success. It’s what marketeers call a ‘Unique Selling Point’. Find your niche, and what makes you stand out from the crowd and build on that.


As a singer there’s a good chance that you’ll have to develop a tough skin – we’ve all been told we’re not quite right, our voice isn’t the one they need and even that we haven’t got what it takes… That’s okay, just focus on the wins and celebrate every single thing you do that gets you closer to your dream.

If you sing somewhere, even if your performance isn’t as good as you hoped, if you got on stage, you sang and were true to your style, you’ve had an amazing day. If you’ve made a great promo recording or written a fantastic bio for your online profile, that’s a big step closer to where you want to be. Cook yourself a special meal, have a glass of something nice, treat yourself well and give yourself a big pat on the back.

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When you’re following a dream that needs all your enthusiasm and motivation you need friends who will really support you, so choose ‘radiators’ (to keep you warm and happy) not ‘drains’! It can make all the difference to have one ‘green’ buddy, a friend who will listen to all your new ideas and schemes with an open mind and give you positive support. You can make a deal between you to help each other in this way, giving you both the extra boost you need to keep going no matter what.


Marketing comes in many shapes and forms, here are just a few ideas about things you need to do to make sure you keep the gigs coming in.


Networking can help in any industry, so look out for networking events and join every singers group you can find on social media – they are a great resource for advice and support. We have a fantastic FB group for singers which is a good place to start.

If you’re singing at gigs, you need to really work on your relationship with your clients and audience. Make sure you talk to them before and after your gig. You never know when someone will have amazing connections, and every person you speak to is another person that may recommend you to a friend, or write you a brilliant review…

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This is perhaps one of the most important tips of all – make sure you always collect reviews. It’s easy on your profile, you can just email our link. However you collect them, wherever you perform and for however long, make sure you do ask for reviews – from friends, client and even passers by! Don’t be shy, this is the best marketing you will ever get, since many singers are booked solely on the strength and number of their reviews.


Your promo video is your shop window! It’s what bookers will see first. Not only do you need one but it also needs to reflect who you are – that is, professional (no wobbly cameras and bad sound), talented (make sure you feature your best performances) and hugely entertaining! For more great advice on creating the sort of video that will get the booking enquiries rolling in, check out our blog.

One last piece of advice – we know you’re a wonderful singer, and a creative at heart, but to be successful you also need to be organised. Stay on top of your emails, DMs and enquiries by checking on them two or three times a day. When you’re lucky enough to hear from a potential booker, get back to them quickly, don’t leave them hanging for days, and make sure you sound like the kind of act they want to book. Use all that performer charm and go get that job!

We wish you all the very best of luck in your singing career, and hope you love every moment. If you’re not already listed on our directory and would like to give your career an immediate boost, then register with us today 




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