DIY Kids’ Party Decorations to Make at Home

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DIY Kids’ Party Decorations to Make with Your Little Ones

There is nothing so fun as making decorations for your Little One’s Birthday party – the only thing that can make it even better is if those decorations are also crafty projects you can do with your children! What better way to build the excitement on the run up to their party? In fact these decorations are so much fun to make that you can use them as craft projects at any time.

We’ve pulled together some of the best ideas we’ve found for turning your house or garden into a true party experience and added some amazing ideas of our own. To make it even easier, we’ve created this guide based on some of the most popular party themes – from Space adventure, Pirate and Lego Theme ideas, to Fairy and Dinosaur parties.

It’s time to chuck out the tired party streamers, get out your scissors and paint, raid the recycling bin for cardboard and get truly creative!

And if you’re looking for more party theme ideas, check out this blog and download our infographic, or for the full low-down on party planning, read our amazing Complete Guide to Kids’ Party Entertainment.

For Every Party

Whatever your theme there’s something you need for every single kids’ party…and that’s a photo booth! So before you start on all your other fabulous, colourful decorations make sure you:

  • Find a good corner to set up your booth
  • Create a background – this can tie-in with your theme! For a Dino party, you can paint a jungle scene on a large piece of cardboard or paper, or paint a magical woodland, with unicorns and butterflies for your little fairies.
  • Add a box of funny props
  • Set up your lighting – if you don’t have a selfie light (that attaches to your phone) then just make sure there’s an extra light/lamp in your ‘booth’

Kids just love this one, so get creative in your photo booth and you’ll have some fantastic photos to remember their big day.

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Lego Party Decorations

There are so many things you can do for a Lego party, it’s hard to know where to start, but here are our favourites:

Make a Scene

Create a Lego scene centre piece. This can either tie in with your theme, like a Lego Pirate scene, with funny episodes occurring with all your lego mini figures, or it can be a school scene with mini figures that represent each of the guests at you party!

Make a Sculpture

What’s the best thing about Lego? You can make anything out of it! So build huge lego numbers for their age, or a giant Birthday cake, a space rocket or a dinosaur.

Make it a World of Lego

Turn shoe boxes into Lego bricks by painting them in bright colours and build structures or just use them as door stops. You can even line a pathway in the garden like this to lead your guests to the party table.

Just click on the bricks below to download and print your A4 colour bricks! You can create a pathway, decorate a table or even the walls!

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Fairy Party Decorations

Toadstool Seats

One of the cutest ideas we’ve seen is to turn all your chairs into Toadstools for your little fairies and elves to sit on. You can learn how to make a truly professional version here.

Or for a simpler version…

  • Cut two large circles out of red felt, approximately 50cm diameter
  • Sew or staple along the outer edge (check carefully that there are no unfolded staples if you use these). Leave a 20cm un-sewn gap and then turn the circles inside-out
  • Draw round a glass on white felt to create smaller circles, cut out and glue to your ‘toadstools’
  • Use foam (from old, unused pillows or cushions if you have them) to stuff your red ‘toadstools’, sew up the open edge and TaDa!

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A Magical Fairy Garden

Once your ‘toadstools’ are ready, you can start turning your whole house and garden into a magical fairy garden!

You can do this with loads of beautiful confetti balloons, paper flowers, balloon flowers, floral pompoms and paper butterflies (see below)!

You can even create a tiny fairy garden for your fairies to discover – there are some truly magical ideas here.

Space Spectacular!

Whether your little one already knows all the names of the planets, or all the names of every Star Wars character ever, an interstellar adventure party is always a real hit.

You can start by making stars to hang around the house, out of cardboard (of course!), foil, gold or silver paint or glitter.

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Another cardboard based winning party-piece is to draw or paint a fantastic spaceman, or alien, cut it out and turn it into a standee, with a hole cut out for all your guests to stick their heads in and smile for the camera!

But our all-time favourite is…

The Space Room

For this you will need:

    • A room that you can make completely dark, with blackout curtains or blinds.
    • You then need to get to work covering the walls with black sheets…covered in glow stars, moons and rockets! You can also make beautiful star lanterns to hang in your party room.
    • For the perfect experience you’ll also need a projector – leave one wall completely free to project all their favourite space films.

Then turn off all the lights and enjoy your amazing Space Adventure!

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Swashbuckling Pirate Party Ideas

If you want to make all those little Pirates smile, why not try some of these fantastic, treasure-hunting ideas…

  • Create decorations that are clues in a treasure hunt
  • Dig for treasure sand boxes
  • Or make a treasure chest out of a storage box or cardboard box – there’s a great ‘how to’ here.

Dino party

Roaring Good Dino Party Ideas

And last, but by no means least, are our fantastic Jurassic ideas…try these for a T-Rexific time…

Make Dino a tail to leave lying around, that can poke out from behind curtains or from under a bed…You can take the tail idea form this video as inspiration.

Create giant Dino footprints … and print them all along your garden path, or on sheets of paper to make a Dino path around your house.

And don’t forget to find some terrifying dinosaur sounds to play in the background…you could try some of these

We’ve had so much fun finding, thinking up and testing out these ideas and we hope you do too.

And don’t forget, if you want an amazing facepainter, a fantastic magician, a comedy clown, a bonkers balloon modeller and crazy bubbleologist  or even a chocolate fountain or breathtaking firework display to add the icing on your Kid’s Party cake, search today for entertainers and suppliers in your area.

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