The Essential Guide to Staying Safe at Gigs & Auditions

Let’s face it, there is nothing more wonderful for us Entertainer’s than landing that gig, or as exciting (and scary) as being invited to that audition. But much as we would love to tell you to just enjoy and get swept away by the excitement…we also really want you to stay safe.

Of course the majority of gigs and auditions are 100% safe, but there are some dodgy souls out there and we want to make sure that our entertainers steer clear. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our top tips for sussing out the scams and keeping away from any creeps…


Audition Safety Tips


If that gig sounds too good to be true or that audition sounds like it’s offering immediate stardom, then stop and think. What is your gut telling you? If it sounds like it’s not as it should be then it may be a scam or worse. If you decide to go, make sure you follow tip number 2.


Just as with going for an interview, you should always research the company you are working/auditioning for. Google them and find out everything there is to know. Are there any reviews on working for them? Do they have a proper website? If it’s an individual hiring you, google them too and check out their social media profiles. Better to be a bit of a stalker and be safe than sorry!


In the same way as you need to research the company, you also need to look into the location. This is even more important if it’s abroad. If it’s in an office or a bar, google it! Look it up, check what normally goes on there and check out the street view. Channel your inner Sherlock Holmes and find out all you can. Apart from anything else, it really helps to know where you’re going and what it will be like, so you’re not thrown by something totally unexpected.

Finally, if it’s in someone’s home, then be very wary and definitely make sure you follow tip number 4.


Ideally, take your best friend/brother/sister/Mum or anyone you can with you. If you can’t, then you should probably avoid any gig or audition in a private home. If it’s in a public place and you have to go it alone then make sure you contact someone reliable and let them know where it is and when, and let them know when you’ll be home. And of course, if you’re alone and the gig goes on till late, make sure you plan your journey home so you arrive safe and sound.

At the end of the day keeping yourself safe is mostly down to common sense and research – and if you’re still not sure, just ask yourself ‘what would my mum tell me to do?’! If she would say ‘Don’t risk it!’ then you know what to do.

So those are our top tips for making sure you always stay safe. Follow these and you can be sure that the only thing you’ll have to worry about is shining bright and blinding them with your fabulous talent. Good luck!

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