6 Ways to Keep Smiling in January

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January can feel like a fresh start, like starting a new chapter…but let’s face it, it can also feel a bit grey after all the Christmas sparkle, particularly for those of us in lockdown. So this year we thought we’d come up with some ways to keep smiling through January…and maybe even into February!

Don’t Stop the Music!

Many of us play Christmas songs all the way through the festive period – we turn the radio up, put on our favourite Christmas playlists…and maybe even sing a few Christmas classics and carols along the way. But that all seems to stop in the 1st of January.

This year, why not keep the toe-tapping, humming and shower singing going with some high-energy, uplifting music that reminds you of all the fun times in your life.

We’ve created a couple of fantastic playlists to get you started, full of Uplifting music & Garden Party vibes.

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Learn Something New

Did you know that we all have an inbuilt reward system that gives us a boost of extra dopamine (the feel-good, motivation hormone) when we learn something new? Learning a new skill not only means you have a new party trick, but you also get a happiness-reward each time you get to the next level.

Learning a musical instrument, magic tricks, a circus skill, acting or having singing lessons are all ways to keep smiling. And it couldn’t be easier to find the right teacher, either in your area or for online classes – many of our highly talented entertainers now offer teaching & on-off skills classes so just fill in the request form to tell us what you would like to learn and we’ll get the right teacher to contact you.

Plan a Party

This may sound a little strange when many of us are in lockdown…but the signs are looking very positive for Summer 2021, so why not start planning a fantastic party for some time in July, August or September?

If you’ve been putting off your wedding, then January is definitely the time to start planning your big day. Our Complete Guide to Wedding Entertainment is a great place to start and also has a lovely, free Wedding Checklist download.

Or why not plan a lovely Summer garden party? If it’s for the little ones, then take a look at our Complete Guide to Kids Party Entertainment for inspiration.

You’ll find loads of other party planning ideas and inspiration in our blog and if we can help you find any type of entertainment, from live bands to balloon modellers, or event services, from fireworks to mobile bars, just fill in our request form and we’ll get our entertainers and suppliers to contact you direct.

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Get Creative

When we really focus on something, and engage the creative part of our brains, we go into a state similar to hypnosis. Being in a creative trance is a fantastic way to take your mind off your worries and away from winter-negativity.

We have lots of lovely ideas for DIY decorations and fun you do with your kids. If you’re looking for things you can make and create yourself, there is a huge list of brilliant craft blogs here, where you can find ideas for everything from up-cycling things around your home, to making cards and works of art.

Watch Some Amazing Entertainment

You may not be able to see live entertainment for the first few months of 2021, but you don’t need to miss out. There is so much free entertainment out there – live shows and acts that you might never have a chance to see, all online and ready to watch. You could take a look at our highlights playlist, which has everything from Hypnotists and Magicians, to aerialists and fire performers, singers and bands, cruise entertainers and tribute acts. Whether you want to watch a Michael Jackson Tribute or marvel at a crazy contortionist, it’s all on there!

Make Someone Smile

Making someone else happy, makes us happy. So if you’re feeling a bit stuck, then maybe it’s time to do something for someone else.

There are so very many ways you can do this, from making something crafty to send to a friend to making a Spotify playlist to make someone smile, holding an online auction for your favourite charity to doing some shopping for your neighbour… or just being kind to someone that you meet as you go about your day.

We hope you have a positive and creative January and we look forward to bringing you more smiles, fun and entertainment throughout 2021.


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