Halloween Party Spooktacular: DIY Decorations, Party Games & Entertainment and Playlist

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Welcome to our Halloween Spooktacular, with tons of Halloween inspiration, DIY Decoration Ideas, Halloween Party Games, Entertainment & Lots More….

Halloween is such a wonderfully atmospheric combination of the onset of darkness & winter, the spooky and the delight excitement of kids, costumes & candy. Every year we feel we want to do something just that bit more crazy, spooky and fun than the last – so if you’re holding a Halloween Party this year, or even just looking for a bit of inspiration to spookify your house – look no further.

Our video will give you some great ideas and inspiration for Halloween costumes, makeup and decor, and below you’ll find our favourite DIY Halloween Decoration ideas, Halloween Party Playlist and Halloween Entertainment and Party Games Ideas.

Spookify Your Home with our DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas

Garden Graveyard

This is so much fun and looks so good – you’ll need a skull, and skeleton arms and legs. You’ll also need a good gravestone, so get creative with the cardboard! If you don’t have a garden to put this is,  you can find a good corner of the house and use some artificial grass.

garden, graveyard, halloween, decorations

Halloween Lamps & Lanterns

This is one of the best things about Halloween – bringing spooky lights into the darkness. For all of your lanterns, including your carved pumpkins, it’s a great idea to use LED candles, rather than open flames and how about some of these ideas…

Use clean glass jars to create your spooky lanterns, either but wrapping them in white masking tape or thin bandages, and adding stick on eyes to make Mummy lamps, or filling them full of fake spiders and webs, or wrapping them in black netting and adding orange pumpkin stickers.

halloween, lantern, lamp

Horrifying Hanging Birdcages

There’s something very creepy about birdcages swinging from trees or next to doorways. If you’re feeling very creative you can make your own birdcage out of wire coat hangers or you can find a good selection of decorative birdcages on ebay or amazon.

Fill you birdcage with skeletons, put a pumpkin lantern in it or even an old doll and decorate the cage with black netting and spiders webs.


Frightful Flying Fiends

There are two amazingly simple and very effective ways of making flying fiends to hang from trees and from the ceiling or curtain rails in your house.

The first is to create ‘sheet ghosts’, by simply using old white sheets and cutting them into quarters. Fill the centre of each quarter/square of sheet with a small bundle of old clothes or socks and tie rope around it to create a ghost head. You can use the same rope to hang them up. You can then go to work painting or drawing on their spooky faces!

halloween, decoration, inspiration

You can also use white netting to create a similar effect,and use a balloon and coat hangers for the head and arms.

Finally, you can also create hanging witches, from black netting, creating something similar to the hanging ghosts but using a witches’ hat, and perhaps some orange or purple ribbon.

Set a Spooky Scene

Creating an area which shows a spooky scene is a great way to really tell a Halloween story. Here are some of our favourite scene-setting ideas:

Do you have a playhouse or a garden shed? Then you have the perfect woodland witches’ den, or haunted cottage. Get to work decorating it with spiders and spiders’ webs, broomsticks and cauldrons, pumpkins and lanterns, skeletons and gravestones and don’t forget the miniature bottles of witches’ potions!

The other three great places for setting a scene are mirrors, fireplaces and doorways. All the perfect place for all those Halloween props.

halloween, decorations

Halloween Party Entertainment & Games

If you’re having a Halloween spectacular this year, then there are some amazing acts and services you can hire to make your night a spooky success.

For an adult party, one way to really get into the ‘spirit’ of Halloween is to book a tarot card reader or a spiritualist. You can a hire a tarot card reader to appear at your party, or book them for an online consultation and cast it to your TV so your guests can take part!

halloween, tarot, spiritualist, book, hire, online

For young and old hiring a Magician, Mind reader or Mentalist will also give your party that air of eerie mystery. Or to really get your party started, you could hire a Halloween party DJ. And of course, best of all, why not hire a professional Face Painter to make sure you, your family and your guests have the best horrifying Halloween spooktacular make-up in town – or book a skills class with one of our make-up artists as a virtual class before the day so you can create your own works of art.

Whatever you need, from Halloween fireworks displays to Halloween Party Entertainers, just request a quote here and we’ll get suppliers to contact you direct with their quotes.

And of course, no Halloween Party would be complete without a few party games, so here are some great ghoulish ideas to get you started…

The Frightful Floury Face Game: Hide candy in a big bowl of flour and get your guests to find it…with their teeth! Once they’ve dug around in the flour with their noses they’ll be ghostly white!

Hoop the Hat: Lay out witches hats and get your guests to try to hoop them with brightly-painted wooden rings

Pin the Spider in the Web: Draw a giant spiders web, blindfold your guests and get them to try to pin the cut-out or plastic spider in the centre of the web. The closest one gets the candy!

Messed-up Mummies!: Get your guests into teams of two. One person on each team has to wrap the other in toilet roll before the buzzer sounds, and get them looking like a Mummy.

Halloween Charades: Create cards with names of spooky Halloween films, songs and characters and get your teams to act them out for one another.

Halloween Party Playlist

You should now have everything you need for your Halloween spectacular this year, but just to top it off, here’s our Hideously Horrifying Halloween Party Playlist!

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